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Based in Amsterdam, X-markt supports companies and organisations to work smarter and grow faster. Together we assess the current- and potential markets as well as future trends. We calculate the best possible ‘market-fit’ for your company and re-assess this with our wide-ranging perspective and strong expertise. This ‘fit’ enables your company to innovate, grow and reduce costs. We enjoy to assist you to leap from strategy to implementation, enabling you to create value and lasting success.


The final frontier

Strategy comes from a pre-meditated course of events that makes a company stand out and be successful in any surrounding. X-markt makes sure things don “just –happen” and operates at the intersection of strategy & operations. Strategic-Marketing empowers organisations to transform, it enables companies to take advantage of their internal- and external potentials. Whether it's business strategy, commercial strategy or operations strategy, at X-markt we drive value, shape..... read more


Strategy starts today

A strategy-plan (put basically) is a ‘document or study’ on how you want your company to be. Strategic- implementation is how things are going to be. To reach goals strategy execution is a hot topic, without operational-, short-term-,tactics each Strategic-plan is hopeless. A careful, planned approach to execution, of strategic goals is the next step. X-markt is experienced in translating strategic-plans and dreams and make them step into.... read more



Make it happen

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