“Service blueprinting”

X-markt works according to its main philosophy: Creating value by building the best for your customers and employees. Uncompromising in integrity and professionalism which are the cornerstones of our business.

As part of our company philosophy we believe that that no man knows or can everything by himself, X-markt works with trusted third parties in many projects varying from IT-software-experts to communication and design professionals. From a ‘can do’ attitude X-markt makes things happen and can easily incorporate existing and trusted partners or employees from its clients into an assignment.

However and whatever you decide your main contact, will always be X-markt founder Joep Dirven.


Joep Dirven,

From its founding in 2000 Joep has worked at X-markt. Joep has over 15 years’ experience in restructuring, operational-marketing management, improving and growing companies. Joep has and is amongst others involved in:

  • Setup companies, such as a Buy & Build wholesalers company across Europe as managing director and grew it from 2 to 30 Fte’s in DIY-gardening.
  • Initiated a B-2-B third-party resellers program in Germany for Ferry company including 20.000 travel-agent-outlets, making use of CRM and directmails.
  • Turned and grew software-designers to think client-centric, motivated and grew staff at the same time in ICT.
  • Build-up relationsships with top 100 Dutch- CFO’s and implemented new co-operation programs with 10-20 top partners of Large worldwide accountancy firm.
  • Positioned Financial Service Industry department as the new best consulting alternative for institutional-banks in the Netherlands.
  • Completed go-to-market plans for software-reseller Open ERP
  • Completed multiple strategic assignments as well research projects to fine-tune strategy; tested & rolled-out new ideas and innovations.
  • Established sustainable grow for different companies – over a number of years


Prior to X-markt Joep worked at Center Parcs, Rotterdam as Corporate business development manager leisure and Lagroup, Amsterdam as strategic-marketing consultant.

Joep completed a Bachelor in Business Administration in Maastricht, a post-graduate Marketing in Boston and a Master degree in Strategic-Marketing in Tilburg.