“Competitive strategy is about being different. It means deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver a unique mix of value” Porter 1996



X-markt operates at the intersection of strategy & marketing. Strategic-Marketing transforms drives organization, it enables companies to take advantage of the internal- and external opportunities. Whether it's business strategy, commercial strategy or operations strategy, at X-markt we drive value, shape new businesses and design operating models for the future. That’s premeditated performance.

X-markt approach to strategy is based on mayor business drivers, it will always start from the end-users perspective and place these in the mix of potential, imaginable and existing activities.
The Origins of Strategic is rooted in various ways of positioning, that often overlap:

  • Positioning by product or service offered to the market, often companies lean towards internal operations focused on cost-efficiencies and non-disruptive innovations.
  • Positioning by customers/segment’s needs. Offering tailored solutions derives often from a company’s ‘gut-feeling’ to their interpretation of segmented- needs translated in a particular set of activities. It is hard to determine non-functional needs and differentiate from competitors. Often Qualitative & Quantitative Quality can provide objective insights.
  • Positioning by access. Access can be a by Social media, Profession, Industry, age or demographics basically everything to have segments that are mutual accessible by various means of communication for example C++ software programmers.

Creating an exceptional and valuable place in a market using an innovate sets of endeavours or activities, placing a company in an unique position. Should be at the core of each and every business-strategy.

This ‘differentiation’ can be found in a total new market-product combination such as a blue Ocean (2005), finding other market opportunities by shifting product-consumer combinations Anshoff (1957) to devise strategies for future growth or maintaining & growing an unique marketplace by outperforming competition in various ways described by Porter (1987).

X-markt services companies to find the best way forward by evaluate their positioning through segmentation, followed by possible new market entrances and creative blue ocean propositions. Optimising current brand- & market positions while enhancing customer intimacy, searching for synergy between different operators in the value-chain and position ventures in an activity based strategy.

X-markt starts with the team and the company. Evaluate the companies foundation by the people who work there. Make sure the team has one vision and acts upon it:

  • Assess company culture, market-lock-in of employees and customer-empathy, often translated in company religion;
  • Mutual company-Commitment with in the company’s team, staff co-workers to achieve strategy, goals and targets;
  • Consensus and knowledge on the brand- company Position and achieve operational excellence in servicing customers and companies.

Strategy ends with measurements and implementation to provide feedback, adaptions and re-evaluations. Companies business-strategies starts today monitoring and reporting to provide financial understandings, check upon ambitions and enable closer control with KPI’s and market insights. X-markt can be a partner to assist your company with these challenges.